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More than 71,843 Unique Cards For Sale
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Valdosta, GA  31602
United States
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    Nov 2016
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About Us

       Thank you so very much for stopping buy to check out my store. I have been collecting cards since the 1971 Topps cam out. I can still remember so of my first cards in my first pack,I am a true collector working on sets for my personal collection and obtaining extra's and cards that Im not working on. I have a majority of Baseball cards but have picke up some football,basketball, hockey etc, 

        I will be pricing my cards fairly 30 to 40% mostly but some a little higher I have a few jersey and autos and most of them are in the 30% to give you a chance to fill in holes in those collections. Alot of them never made it big but thew fill the sets.

       I will be offering common,minor stars, stars for set builders from the late 50's to present. I will be glad to email you pictures of anyvintage cards so you can see then better. I try to grade fairly

    I also hav and organizer and if you see just a few you need you can always see if a trade would work out. That would be a win win for both of us.I take offers on any order over 50.00 just email me and let me know you sent one it doesnt always notify. If you spend 50.00 or more starting Sept 1 you will receive a voucher for a dicount on your next order.

     I say this for a reaso I recently had a buyer by 350.  Bryce Haper Rookies.I sent it to him Prioritymail for added security. I also included some unopened pacs from the 80' and lisc cards of minor stars, unique cards and yes thew werent high dollar cards they were free..He filled a complaint with paypal saying the cards were crap. The cards he bought were just as descrbed but since he didnt like the free crap cards as he called them. Just trying to be nice but paypal still gave him a refund.

     So please if you receive a card and there is a problem contact me and I will make it right and I may email you to ask permission to send you some extra for free.Im not trying to get rich Im just tryng to sell some cards to help me get ones Im missing. Since I had to retire it help my hoppby earn a litte.

       Have a great time collectiong and share it with your children Bux a bow and sit around the table with your kids divide the packs out. each open one pack but before player on says outfielder with the most hr. All of you open 1 pack and whoever has the player with thm most they will all the cards from the other player. Next player then pick most strikouts and so on and son on. We did as kids and it was a blast. until you lost your Ryan

   Thanks for lookinb

BJ   email me with any questions

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