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More than 2,585,649 Unique Cards For Sale
Tracking now being sent for EVERY order, check your e-mail on shipment! @BurbankCards. Free shipping at $49.95 domestically and $100 internationally
1500 West Burbank Blvd.
Burbank, CA  91506
United States
(818) 843-2600
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Burbank Sportscards

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    Oct 1999
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About Us

Burbank Sportscards prides itself on being the very best online destination for buying sportscard singles. No matter how you collect we strive to provide the very best shopping experience possible, and with our new store makeover, the best has gotten even better!

So why are we universally recognized as the best in the business when it comes to collector satisfaction? Let us count the ways.

1: Total cards on the web-site: This site boasts a world record 40 MILLION cards on it. View the below video link and you'll see that this number is very real and by checking quantities per card on the site it'll confirm this. Are you sick of sites that only have one to two of an item when you want twenty, well you've found the site of your dreams.

2: Selection: We have nearly 2 million unique items on this site and a search of nearly any player from any sport will yield the best possible selection that you'll find anywhere. As an example lets take Ken Griffey Jr. as an example. We currently stock 2,868 DIFFERENT cards of him that range from 35 cents up to $1,275.00. And for those looking for quantity of Mr. Griffey, we have as many as (342) of a given card. Pure ridiculousness!!

3: Images: We've spent the past 9 months working to create an image catalog that will give most all of our cards a representative photo so that you can see what the card will look like. This is the biggest project you can imagine but it's something we deemed necessary to enhance our customer experience. Keep checking back as thousands of fresh images a week are populating to the site.

4: Our prices: As nobody sells more singles online than we do, it's our guess that our prices are pretty darn reasonable. When you shop any of our cards you'll see the Beckett value right next to it so you can compare it to the "book value" right away, only on the Beckett Marketplace will you see that. We currently stock 20 million cards that are a mere 35 cents per card and with our free S&H at $50.00 for single cards in the Continental USA, you could conceivably buy 142 different cards that you need for only $50.00 dlvd. No free S&H if you have Supplies, Boxes or Packs in your order. Try finding that on competing sites.

5: We are buyers as well: Take a look in the upper left hand corner of our home page and you'll see our buy list. We're confident that nobody buys more singles back than we do and our buy prices are so strong for bulk cards that most of the folks who sell to us are "dealers". Prices change up and down regularly so check back often.

6: This is simply what we do: We are a full-time 7,500 square foot operation with 25 (and growing) employees and sportscards is all we do. We are the largest singles volume seller on Ebay and our shipping department is relentless in trying to process orders at the highest speed in the industry. No plain white envelopes or one week turn around times here.

Thanks for checking us out and we hope to be of service soon. Check out the below video for a deeper dive into our business and if you're in the Burbank area feel free to get the "nickel tour".


Rob and Stephen Veres

A local TV station in CA did an 8-minute Video on our shop last month. Check it out and see what we have to offer to our customers.

Copy the YouTube link below into your search and let us know what you think.

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