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14560 Manchester Rd #23
Manchester, MO  63011
United States
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1,000,000 Baseball Cards

Overall Score: 4.84
Dealer Since: Apr 2000
Total Number of Orders Filled: 7,138
Total Number of Items Filled: 23,184

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Yesterday: 245
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This Month: 710
This Year: 6,331
Lifetime: 23,184

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Total positive feedback: 127

Hi, Welcome to 1,000,000 Baseball Cards. We are not one of the biggest online stores but we are one of the oldest and biggest card shops in the state of Missouri and we were in the first group of dealers to participate in Beckett Marketplace when it was first started. We have lots of good vintage cards in all four sports listed here. If you are trying to complete sets or are looking for that hard to get short print or Vintage card, you've come to the right site. We also have lots of Relic cards and autograph cards listed. We now have over 5,000 mail order customers, and we have been doing mail order since the early 1980's. We offer free shipping on orders over 50.00, this does not include complete sets. We are not responsible nor will we issue refunds on lost orders if insurance is not purchased.

Our site although not one of the largest is one of the most diverse including stars, minor stars, team cards, leader cards and players who may not be stars but were really popular in there local area. If you are ordering older cards you might like to read the "How We Grade Cards" section listed below.

How We Grade Cards

All cards are graded very conservatively.

Near Mint-Mint = NM-MT: A card that went straight from a pack into a protective sleeve or case, it wont have any corner or centering imperfections. NM = Near Mint: A card that appears Mint at first glance but upon closer scrutiny will have micro imperfections. EX-XM = Excellent-Mint: This is our most popular condition. The card will have minor corner wear but not necessarily on all 4 corners and it could have very minor surface wear. The card looks great to the eye. An EX-XM card will not have any creases.EX = Excellent: These cards will have slightly more wear than an EX-XM card. If these cards are from the 60s or before, they will typically look better than 60% of the cards in circulation from that era. A EX card will not have any creases but may be slightly off center. VG-EX = Very Good-Excellent: This card has more than normal wear but with us is priced 65-70% below the book price. A VG-EX card may have some minor creasing.VG = Very Good: These cards have excess wear and probably have creases but are usually priced 75-80% below NM cards.G = Good: A very worn card. A Rough card. The card will have creases and abnormal wear. The positive side of these cards is that we price them at 90-95% below high grade cards.

If you are ever in St. Louis, please stop in and see us in person. Our hours are 11:00-6:00 Monday through Friday and 10:00-5:00 on Saturday. We are closed on Sunday. Thanks, and we hope we can help you soon.

E-mail: Phone: (636)527-4424 Address:1,000,000 Baseball Cards 14560 Manchester Rd. #23Manchester, MO 63011

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